Get the word out to parents

It’s important that parents know when, where and how to buy a yearbook. Use these items to make sure they know!

Photo by Noah Finer

Market to Parents



Updated for 2021! Get more photos and cover more events with Yearbook Snap

Editable poster
Editable flier
Editable event card
Facebook header graphic
Twitter header graphic
Twitter graphic
Snapchat graphic
Social Media Square 1
Social Media Square 2


Use email marketing

Parent Email Program (PEP)

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Send out home mailings

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Do it yourself emails:
Ad sales parent version 1
Ad sales parent version 2
Yearbook sales parent senior version
Yearbook sales table
Yearbook sales parent version 1
Yearbook sales parent version 2
Yearbook sales Community Upload
Yearbook sales holiday version
Yearbook sales grandparent version

Jump on the phone or use a messaging system

Download phone messaging system script
Download text message script

marketing to Parents 2

Create some buzz with guerrilla marketing

Poster Gift Blue
Poster Gift Red
Holiday Gift Certificate
Parking Tickets
You are in the yearbook flier
Twitter flier
Facebook flier
Cyber Monday flier
Cyber Monday web banner
Cyber Monday Facebook header
Cyber Monday Twitter header

Reach Spanish speakers 

Spanish Order Form – Spring Delivery
Spanish Order Form – Summer/Fall Delivery
Customizable Bilingual Parent Flier (Order at Customized Marketing)
Customizable Bilingual Postcard (Order at Customized Marketing)
Bilingual Parent Email
Bilingual All-call
Bilingual Vertical vinyl banner
Bilingual parent recruitment letter


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