March 1, 2012 / Online Design / Spring 2012

By Design with Online Design: Shape up your text

Written by Idea File Staff

Text can be converted into a shape, enabling you to customize it like other shapes on a spread. With your text as a shape, you can apply a border, a solid or gradient fill, or place an image directly into the text.

In addition, when text is converted to a shape, it can be stretched to any size you want, including as large as the page itself.

Note that once you make text into a shape, the text formatting can no longer be edited.

To change your text into a shape:

1. In the Page Editor, open a spread. Type and format your text as needed for your design, such as for a headline. If you plan to place an image in the text, choose a wider font.

2. Go to the Object menu and choose Convert Text to Shape.

convert txt to shape

3. Select Fill and Stroke, as desired, or insert your image.


  • Heather

    How do you get those wide texts? I can’t find it.

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