Be sure these important year-end yearbook tasks are covered

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The end of the year is getting closer. Many spring yearbooks have already hit their final deadlines, and several more will accomplish that goal this month.

Whether you are still wrapping up this year’s yearbook, or you have already submitted all the pages and you are looking ahead, here is a list of crucial year-end tasks to think about.

  • Make sure the index is correct. Your yearbook’s index might not be the most glamorous part of the book to produce, but it will be one that gets the most use. Hopefully, your index has been a work in progress all year as your spreads have been completed. Verifying the names in your index and their page references one final time is always a good idea.
  • Write the colophon. Most yearbooks include a colophon on a page near the back of the yearbook. It provides information about your book’s specifications, and typically includes printing information, a staff list and a list of acknowledgments.
  • Get your distribution plan in order. The process of delivering the yearbook to your students can get chaotic if you don’t have a proper plan in place. There are many bases you will need to cover – prepare your distribution list of buyers, work with the administration to select the day and time, reserve the distribution site (cafeteria or gym) and hammer out a schedule for the staff to work the distribution table.
  • Prepare a reader survey. Finding out what your readers think is always valuable feedback for a yearbook staff. Write a survey asking students what they like and dislike about the yearbook, and hand it out during distribution. Then make sure there are convenient drop-off points for the surveys throughout your school.
  • Start thinking about a year-end celebration! Your staff has put in a ton of hard work this year. They should be able to take a great deal of satisfaction on the product when it gets delivered. Afterwards, you can hold a banquet or party for the staff to say good-bye to the seniors and look back at the year. You can even hand out staff awards to honor the staffers.

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