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Taylor discusses yearbook trends at Adviser Academy day three

Written by Shiloh Scott

The third morning of Walsworth’s Adviser Academy on Wednesday focused on yearbook trends. Mike Taylor, CJE, showed the group his presentation titled, “Not Your Granny’s Yearbook.”

He showed examples of yearbooks through the years, pointing out the good and the bad aspects. There are many old trends that don’t work anymore.

Taylor shared his thoughts on covers, endsheets, tables of contents, organization and more. As he showed examples, Lori Ogelsbee, MJE, chimed in with photography pointers.

Taylor then demonstrated how to use photos and captions to tell an intriguing story. He encouraged advisers to incorporate local and national events into the yearbook – it is the story of a year, after all. Trends deserve coverage. Fashion, movies, date nights are part of the year and therefore deserve coverage.

Taylor recommended yearbooks find new and interesting ways to cover standard topics. Instead of basic coverage of an English class, tag along on a field trip or photograph a day the teacher dresses up as Edgar Allen Poe. Discuss student stress or procrastination – something everyone can relate to.

He recommended questioning traditions. Just because it’s always been included doesn’t mean you have to include it. For example, superlatives are becoming less common.

When deciding what to include in this year’s yearbook, Taylor said to ask yourself, “Is it 2018?”

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Shiloh Scott

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