September 1, 2011 / Why Didn't I Think of That?

School has started – time to get students excited about yearbook

Written by Marketing Staff

As bittersweet as it might be, it was inevitable for schools everywhere that summer would end and the new school year would begin.

For the yearbook staff, that simply means the opportunity to start getting students excited about yearbook is here. Over the summer, we collected some guerrilla marketing ideas from staffs – inexpensive, unconventional tactics that you can be using all over school to start spreading the word about yearbook.

Take a look at these techniques and start thinking about how you can be using them:

  • Put up clock banners advertising your yearbook sale in the classrooms. That’s what they did Clock bannerat Butte High School in Butte, Mont. Why does it work? Because everyone looks at the clock!
  • At Olivet High School in Olivet, Mich., the staff got permission from the administration to put soda can messages on the cans in the pop machines. They worked with the vendor who filled the machines, then created a sticker that advertised the yearbook and placed it on the cans.
  • Some yearbook staffs have tried creative PA announcements, but others have even gone a step further and had staff members actually visit home rooms. Sometimes a PA announcement might get ignored or fly under the radar, but when a live person shows up in the room to talk about the yearbook, it can make an impression.

We will be bringing you more tactics throughout the year. What unique marketing ideas have you been trying?

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