September 2, 2003 / Fall 2003

Ready the Technical Systems

Written by Susan Smith

Before you pick up the phone to call your Walsworth yearbook representative and schedule your first visit of the year, stop. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to help make that first visit go smoothly, and make sure your time is used well.

1. Step – See the Movie
When you open your Tech Kit box, the first thing you will see is the Getting Started CD, mounted inside the top of the lid. This CD contains all of Walsworth’s Follow My Lead movies for PageMaker, as well as the Getting Started movie, which introduces you to the yearbook process. Watch this movie before you begin. It will take you through the yearbook process, and introduce you to the materials in your Tech Kit.

2. Step – Trash It
To avoid confusion, you should throw away any old Tech Kit materials you still have. This includes all font posters and booklets, any old DSL+ booklets, any previous instruction guides and posters, including the orange and blue Desktop Yearbook Guide, previous years’ ClikArt booklets and CDs, and any old software CDs, including Enhancement installers. Replacements for all of these items can be found in the new Tech Kit. Older items might cause confusion because certain fonts have been retired and replaced, for example. If you need additional copies of any items beyond what was sent in your kit, contact Walsworth’s Kit Department at 800.369.2646, ext. 2275.

3. Step – Get Familiar
Walsworth’s Tech Kit has been completely redesigned for the coming year with one goal in mind — to make it easier for you to find things and stay on track. The desktop yearbook process has been separated into four steps: Planning, Creating, Submitting and Proofing. The materials needed for the first three steps of the process are found in boxes included in your Tech Kit; all Proofing materials will come with your proof shipment from Walsworth.

Take some time to sit down and look through the Tech Kit before seeing your yearbook representative. Make sure you understand the function of each item, taking any notes for your representative if you have questions.

4. Step – Install Your Enhancements
The Introduction section of the Desktop Yearbook Guide contains complete instructions for installing your Walsworth Enhancements. If your yearbook computers are hooked up to your school’s network, you may need your Network Adminstrator’s help with installation. In the Planning box of the Tech Kit is an envelope with detailed information about Walsworth’s Enhancements. Give this envelope to your Network Administrator so he knows exactly what is being installed and where it should go.

The Network Installation packet also contains information for your Network Administrator about how your yearbook files need to be saved and stored to avoid file corruption and loss of information. Make sure the Network Administrator reads and understands this information. If he has any questions, you may want to include the Network Administrator in the first meeting with your Walsworth yearbook representative, or have him contact Walsworth’s Computer Support. All contact information is included with the Network Installation packet.

5. Step – Get organized
After your Enhancements are installed, take a look at the Planning section of the Desktop Yearbook Guide. The section contains valuable tips on how to start your yearbook and get organized for the coming year.

The most important step you can take at this time is to customize the 04YB folder for your yearbook. This would include deciding which pages will be sent in with each deadline, and creating empty folders for these pages within the deadline folders (D1-D8). For example, if you plan to send in pages 2-3 in with your first deadline, you should create a folder named 002-003 in your D1 folder for thatpage file and any accompanying graphics or image files. Follow the instructions in the Desktop Yearbook Guide about how to create new folders on your operating system.

Other steps you may take to help with file organization might include setting up folders for each yearbook staff member within the Pages In Progress folder in the 04YB folder. You should also start making some preliminary decisions about your book, including filling out your ladder diagram, found in the Planning Kit; deciding where you will use color in your book and which of Walsworth’s Formula Colors or Spot Colors you will be using; picking the Designer Series layouts you want to use; and deciding on and installing the AWPC fonts you will be using on your yearbook pages.

The Yearbook Wizard Planning Guide, found in the Planning Box of your Tech Kit, is a good place to record the decisions you make for your yearbook. By writing down this information, you can share it with your yearbook representative and be ready to use the Yearbook Wizard software included with the Enhancements to set up your yearbook.

Now make that call! By preparing in advance for your representative’s first visit, you will know exactly which questions you need answered and where you might need additional training.

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Susan Smith