July 14, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Online Resources for improving English skills

Written by Marketing Staff

Web English Teacher
From grammar, mechanics and usage to mythology and poetry, the Web English Teacher online resource can help you prepare a variety of effective lesson plans or simply improve your own English and writing skills.

Writers Write
“Writers Write” provides a forum with information and links about books, writing and publishing, including the Internet Writing Journal monthly online newsletter (specifically for writing and publishing on the Web).

English Practice
“English Practice” tests and helps improve vocabulary, grammar, reading, conversation and more. By providing your e-mail address, you can receive weekly beginner, intermediate or advanced level English lessons in the area of your choice.

Sheppard Learning Software
Visit Sheppard Software’s website, and without buying a thing you can increase your vocabulary, play word games and even test your approximate SAT score in verbal (or math) sections.

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