August 11, 2009 / Online Design

Online Design adds features for new school year

Written by Marketing Staff

Walsworth has been hard at work all summer, adding new features to Online Design – its online yearbook creation website.

With the new year fast approaching, or in some areas already started, here’s a quick look at some of the new bells and whistles for this year’s release of Online Design:

Improved speed and efficiency
Online Design’s Flash-based interface has always meant a quick user experience. However now, due to improvements created in the loading process with the Ladder, Online Design should zip even faster.

Up to 20 fonts
Online Design’s Font Manager now allows you to assign up to 20 fonts for use in your yearbook this year, double the amount that was allowed last year.

Quick Edit of the Ladder
The new Quick Edit tab on the Ladder will let you see a snapshot view of the entire Ladder – every spread in the yearbook – with one click. You will be able to quickly update page topics, page types and color styles efficiently in one location.

Image has been used
Once an image has been placed on a page in the Page Editor, it will now be marked in the Image Library with an icon, indicating that it has been used and on which page(s). That means no more worries about using the same photo more than once.

Spread Selector
In the upper left corner of the Page Editor, you can now find the Spread Selector tab. By clicking it, you will slide open a tray across the top of the page, displaying a menu of all of your spreads which will allow you to quickly navigate between pages.

There’s much more on the way, as well. Check back with Idea File throughout the year to learn about the latest additions being made to Online Design.

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