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Newest Walsworth eBook provides 83 reasons for loving yearbook

Written by Shiloh Scott

Why do you love yearbook?

It may be the students or the ability to be creative. It could be the act of creating something meant to capture a moment in history, which will last for years.

Walsworth’s latest eBook, Why I Love Yearbook, was born when advisers from all over the United States shared their reasons.

Walsworth asked “Why do you love yearbook?” as part of a National Yearbook Week contest. To enter, advisers answered the question. We didn’t put stipulations on the responses – something as simple as, “Because it’s awesome!” would have been enough to qualify.

However, the entries went well beyond the basic requirements. The hundreds of responses we received were heartfelt, earnest, thoughtful and as unique as the individuals who shared them.  They were so great, we knew we couldn’t let them gather dust in a file cabinet.

Why I Love Yearbook contains 83 of these entries – just a fraction of the reasons people love yearbook, but we knew it was important to share them with you. We hope you’ll browse this eBook with a warm mug of coffee or an ice cold soft drink and take time to appreciate the many reasons people fall in love with yearbook. Yearbook advisers know something that other teachers don’t. This eBook gives you a glimpse into what keeps them invested year after year.

We hope you’ll download and save a copy of Why I Love Yearbook and browse it when you’re in need of inspiration. When you’re feeling on top of your game, we hope you’ll share that yearbook euphoria with others, the way the advisers in these pages shared it with Walsworth. We hope you’ll download a copy and share the link with other advisers you know.

Yearbook is great. It’s one of the most incredible projects at the school. We all know this, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded.

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Shiloh Scott

Shiloh Scott was the Digital Marketing Manager for Walsworth. They enjoy working in a variety of mediums, from print to broadcast to social media. Shiloh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri.