November 14, 2009 / 2009 Fall JEA/NSPA / Walsworth Live

Mass chaos

Written by Lauren Allan

I have to say, being away from home makes you appreciate the little things. It also makes you crazy. The hour-long lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner; the immensely crowded hallways, the endless rain… it’s all stuff I could live without.

Friday, I went to a class that, I thought, was going to be about team bonding. It ended up being about how to get good quotes. I guess it pays to read the class descriptions.

I didn’t feel so well at night, so I had to skip out on the dance. However — there are definitely positives about this trip.

One session I went to this morning was about how to find the hidden stories, the ones we would never think to write about, just by finding headlines first. This class was taught by Nancy Hastings from Munster High School, Munster, Ind. I learned so much from this class, and came up with dozens of headline and story ideas. :]

Also, my roomie and I just enjoyed our third day in a row of Chipotle for lunch… yum :]

All in all, it has been a good trip. I’m looking forward to being home tomorrow, but not so much going back to school. There’s a bit of nostalgia, too, this being my last convention. :[ Better make tonight the best!

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Lauren Allan