How did they do that? – Creating brush strokes as a graphic element

Written by Marketing Staff

As part of the theme graphics for the 2007 Legend yearbook at Boone High School in Orlando, Fla., editor-in-chief Sarah Ballard created what she called a “mess.” These brush strokes are actually easily created in Adobe Illustrator, and go with the freestyle look of the Legend theme, “Established.”

1. Open a blank document in Illustrator.

2. Go to the brushes window and open several, such as chalk, paintbrush, artistic, etc.

3. Choose the Paintbrush tool, the size and the color. Make whatever stroke you want, as many times as you want. Try a wide variety of brushes with different transparencies, sometimes shades of the colors and shapes of the line. Just keep playing until you get the desired result.

4. Now save the graphic. It can be saved as in Illustrator file (.ai). Or, to save in Photoshop, click Select All to select all of the paint strokes, then copy and paste them into a .psd file that has no background.

5. Depending on the dimensions of the graphic, the file size can be extremely large. You can change the image size in Photoshop or when you open the new document in Illustrator. You also can flatten and turn into a .jpg.


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