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By Design with Online Design: Create a fake duotone

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Duotones are images in which two colors are used. Sometimes the colors are blended so they appear as one hue. Sometimes the colors are not blended, and you can pick out the two colors used in the image. These images can start out as either black and white or color. The color is stripped out before the two colors are applied. Duotones are a way to add interest or highlights to an image. Using Image Editor, Transparency and Colors, you can create this effect in Online Design.

OD color

1. Under the Images tab, open a photo. Click on the pencil icon in the lower right corner to open Image Editor. Change the image to grayscale using the Grayscale button. Save the new grayscale image, but do not rename it to keep the color and grayscale versions together.

OD gray

2. Open your spread in Page Editor, and drag a shape for the grayscale photo from the Shapes panel and size as desired. From the Edit menu, copy and paste the photo shape. Fill the shape with a color by clicking the Color button and selecting a color to use as the duotone color.

OD duo

3. Place the grayscale photo from the image panel into the first shape.

4. Align the shape filled with color exactly on top of the grayscale image:

• Hold down the shift key to select both shapes.

• Click the Layout button.

• In the Align area, click the Align Center Horizontally and Align Center Vertically buttons.

5. Click the Effects button and adjust the Transparency to lighten the color-filled box and create the duotone effect.

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