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Americas High School yearbook staff hosts successful Big Event signing party

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Kansas City, Mo. (June 5, 2012) – The Grand Prize winners of Walsworth’s Big Event promotion, the yearbook staff at Americas High School in El Paso, Texas, hosted a memorable yearbook distribution signing party that gave students a fun opportunity to sign each other’s yearbooks.

Using the $1,500 prize money they received from Walsworth, the Americas yearbook staff set up a photo booth, served food and drinks, hired a student DJ, raffled off an iPod Nano and inserted six Golden Ticket prizes in student yearbooks. Students who found a Golden Ticket in their yearbook won a prize valued at $25.

“It took me by complete surprise when Candis told me that we had won,” Cristina Flores-Barela, the yearbook adviser, said of being notified by her Walsworth yearbook sales representative, Candis Brinegar.

Americas High yearbook party

The Big Event yearbook signing party at Americas High was attended by more than 200 students.

“The student editors were thrilled and we immediately began to plan what kind of party we were going to have. Needless to say, our Big Event party was a huge success! We want to thank Walsworth for initiating this contest,” Flores-Barela said.

This was the second annual signing party for Americas High, with the prize money providing more entertainment and prizes this year. More than 200 students attended the three-hour event on May 23. To get into the party, students needed to have purchased a yearbook.

“Every school should host a Big Event to celebrate the arrival of the yearbook and getting friends to sign it. The event encourages students to buy the yearbook. Then the excitement generated about the book and the event is contagious and puts the publication in the spotlight, where it deserves to be,” Brinegar said.

Getting the book signed is one of the most fun, unique things about yearbooks. The Big Event promotion, which ran from September through March, was designed to encourage schools to hold a yearbook signing party at the end of the year and make it one of the most anticipated events at their school.

Walsworth gave away prize packs each month to four schools – for a total of 28 schools – that entered into a drawing by filling out a short questionnaire at the company’s Big Event website. The prize pack kit included marketing materials to help the school generate excitement for their signing party, including T-shirts, posters, buttons, tickets, backstage passes and lanyards.

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