July 8, 2019 / Adviser Academy

2019 Adviser Academy Kicks Off

Written by Shiloh Scott

Walsworth’s 2019 Adviser Academy kicked off Monday morning at the Hotel InterContinental in Kansas City with an opening speech by Mike Taylor, CJE. He introduced Walsworth personnel and prepped yearbook advisers for what they’ll learn and experience in the three-day conference.

The yearbook advisers in attendance then played a get-to-know-you game. Taylor divided the advisers into groups by their favorite kind of food – Chinese, Mexican, Italian or Seafood. Within those groups – of which Mexican was the largest – the advisers got to know each other through a series of questions.

The newest adviser in each group was identified, as well as the adviser with the longest tenure, those who had traveled the furthest to come to Adviser Academy, and those who had come from just a few blocks away. They shared who advises a yearbook class, yearbook club, and middle or high school.

After a rundown of the week and encouragement to tag Walsworth on social media (and use #AdviserAcademy) throughout the week, advisers then broke into classes.

First-year advisers joined instructor Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, for the new adviser track. Experienced advisers took their choice of three classes, taught by Jim Jordan, Leland Mallett, CJE, or Taylor. Classes in the new adviser track cover the basics of yearbook and help newbies prepare for their first year. Classes in the experienced adviser track cover everything from organization, design, theme, interview, policy, modules and sidebars, and more.

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Shiloh Scott

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