Imagine What's Possible with Possibilities, Volume 10

We reviewed thousands of yearbooks to find themes, covers, photos, spreads and structure items that will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you and your yearbook staff.



See how some of the top books in the country weave their theme throughout their entire book to create a cohesive visual and written narrative and learn how they did it.



Get inspired by these photos that captured the perfect storytelling moment so you can use these examples to train your own photographers.



Endsheets, title pages, ads, mods, indexes, table of contents and more – these items are the backbone of your yearbook and should not be overlooked.



Take a look at covers that stopped us in our tracks, learn what all should go on a cover and discover the applications they used to effectively WOW their community.



From academics to profiles to showstoppers, designers took two blank pages and turned them into a masterpiece sure to generate fresh ideas for your own yearbook.



It’s a mini-Possibilities within Possibilities celebrating the exceptional theme, covers, spreads and structure items middle school and junior high students created.

Middle School


"My students and I use the Possibilities book for inspiration to see what's cool now and trending. The Walsworth yearbook gurus are the best, so I know if it's in the Possibilities book, my staff and I need to take a close look and consider it for our own book. Our staff copy is filled with sticky notes and is used heavily to gather inspiration for next year's theme and alternative coverage."

John Bickel
Yearbook Adviser
Eastern Lebanon County High School
Myerstown, Pennsylvania


"Possibilities has it all. It provides advisers with solid theme designs, modular ideas, headline packaging, etc. that helps close the gaps for newer staffs. Possibilities is also a fabulous motivator for students. It shows students they are capable of creating amazing designs and telling great stories. Students can use Possibilities as a model of excellence that is obtainable with Walsworth's guidance."

Kaitlin Sebens
Yearbook Adviser
St. Michael Albertville High School
St. Michael, Minnesota

"I really appreciate that Walsworth puts together the best themes, spreads and photos into one book. This allows my staff to see design trends and how the best themes are carried throughout books all over the country. If you want your yearbook to get better, the Possibilities book will help."

Andrew Young, CJE
Yearbook Adviser
Woodland Junior High School
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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