May 9, 2022 / Employee Spotlight

Matt Martiny loves solving problems, working at Walsworth

Written by Walsworth Staff

For the rest of this year, Walsworth will be featuring an Employee Spotlight series on its websites as part of the company’s celebration of its 85th anniversary. Walsworth’s people are our most important resource and the Employee Spotlights will give you a chance to get to know them better.

Matt Martiny

Technology Department – Overland Park, Kansas

Headshot of Matt MartinyAt Walsworth, I am a user interface web developer for the Yearbook360 application. I started this job in March of 2021 and absolutely love it.

In simple terms, I’m a developer. I make the ideas of designers come to life. I also fix things. Coding is a lot of debugging and that’s a big part of what I do here.

I previously worked at Herff Jones about 10 years ago. I am entering my second year at Walsworth.

The fact that I can learn and grow as a developer with great teachers and co-workers is what lead me here. My previous job I was the sole developer and everything I learned was from Google. It’s very nice to discuss development with like-minded individuals and pick their brain as needed. It’s nice to be a mentor if that’s what is required as well.

Matt Martiny leans back in a share, arms resting behind his head.I think the coolest thing about my job is getting to see my work pay off. When I fix a really difficult bug, or make something work, I get what I call a ‘Code-High’. I feel really accomplished and excited to see results of my code work correctly. Also, shout out to my co-workers who are just awesome people.

If I had a personalized coffee mug at work, it would say “Spiders are the only Web Developers in the World who enjoy finding Bugs”

What I love most about my job is that feeling of accomplishment after getting the result I’m looking for. Also, I just enjoy the camaraderie around the office.

Matt Martiny at a baseball diamond, at-bat, mid-swing.A fun fact about me is I first discovered my love for web development building a website for a wiffle ball league me and some friends had back in high school.

I have a girlfriend of about 5 years who has a teenage daughter. Together we have 4 dogs and her daughter has a hamster. There are also chipmunks that live under our porch, but they don’t count.

I love sports. I’m a big Royals and Chiefs fan. I play slow-pitch softball very religiously (multiple nights a week) and occasionally dabble in other sports, having played in a basketball league over the winter.

A selfie of Matt Martiny in a nice suit with a blue tie.As a teenager, we went on mission trips and volunteered with our church. Now, I contribute in other ways, such as fundraising. Recently, I organized a team for a fundraiser tournament to help underprivileged children have a great Christmas. I also assist my girlfriend and her daughter do service projects for Scouts.

Walsworth has made me feel like I’m an important member of a team. They have honestly put me in a place where I love my job which has vastly improved my mental health. My family sees how my mood has improved since getting this job, and they are excited for me. I can see myself at Walsworth for years to come.

I will say I am finally happy to have a job that I can look forward to every single day. I love my co-workers, I love the atmosphere, and I can honestly say I love Walsworth.


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