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Susie Watson

Endsheet Prep Lead - Brookfield, Missouri

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Susie Watson

At Walsworth, I currently hold the position as Endsheet Prep Lead. I receive all Endsheet Spec Forms and customer-submitted materials, I speak with sales reps and customers to help them decide how to create and submit material, and I answer questions. I send for Special Quotes for various types of endsheet designs and stocks. I also trained my coworker to assist with emails, entry work and returned proofs to help ensure their endsheet is correct for press.

I love my job because I get to see different items being submitted by the customer. The materials need to be reviewed closely for those hidden hand gestures and verbiage on clothing. I get to view new items that haven't been done to date and see a lot of the finished product. This to me ensures we are working hard to complete the customer's masterpiece.

I started working at Walsworth because one of my friends who was already employed at Walsworth told Elaine Freeman I was looking for a job. She called me for an interview in 1976, and I was hired on the spot. I started on December 16, 1976, making this my 46th season.

One of the coolest things I get to do is talk to and meet the sales reps and customers to help create their masterpieces. When I receive phone calls from customers and sales reps about their Endsheet Spec Form versus material submitted or vice versa and correct discrepancies, the thankful responses make me feel blessed.

If I had a personalized coffee mug at work, it would say “Put a smile on your face and always be humble and kind.”

I come to work every day because there are no two days alike. Yes, it may be about the same entry day after day, but to know you worked your hardest to create their design and know that they are pleased because they are a returning customer each and every year is very rewarding.

I don't know what I would do without my family. Glenn and I have been together since our freshman year in high school. We have seen hard times which have made us stronger.

We have raised two wonderful children: Dr. Brent Watson and BSN Tabitha Watson Danneman. Each have two children that keep us very busy with sports.

We have several foxhounds and attend field trials. We have raised a Missouri State Female Foxhound with pride and hard work. We have raised several Beagles out of Glenn's grandfather's breed that started back in the early 1900s. An author from New York heard about his grandpa’s hounds and came to New Boston, Missouri, to write and publish a book on them. We still own the rights of The Yellow Creek Story.

Outside of work, we are active in our church and community. I love watching our grandchildren play softball and baseball. I also enjoy running hounds at field trials and visiting with friends.

Walsworth has kept me employed for almost 46 years. This has helped keep a roof over our heads, food on our table, clothes on our backs, helped put our children through school and colleges, money in our church plate and put me through EMT school.

A way I give back to my community is as a first responder. I respond in my workplace to help our employees if needed. My husband and I were EMTs for years. We both still respond in our community as well as other communities if called. In past years I was involved in our local homecoming as secretary-treasurer. I coached cheerleading at school. I coached summer softball and managed the eating shack.

One of my favorite memories from working at Walsworth is when I was chosen by Jim Hill to help with a new team to what was referred to as "Checker Corrections" in the North Plant. We worked several hours into the late night (and sometimes into the early hours of the a.m.) to move material to the South Plant for the press. Getting up and driving back to work in the morning was really hard, but we met our deadlines. I’m glad I have great bosses like Jim Hill, John Hamilton, Mary Lou Neblock, Chris Heller, Lex Cavanah, Laurie Cupp and our very own Scott Pyle.