July 14, 2010 / Pop Culture

Yearbooks still all over Twitter this summer

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

You might think summer would be a slow time for yearbooks, but one look around Twitter will show you otherwise! People are still reading. Take a look…

@amyy96_: I just looked at my past yearbooks, all my yearbooks from Grade 3 to now. They brought tears to my eyes, especially my Grade 7 yearbook.

@JA_PRiiNC3sZ: Just found my HS Yearbook. Pure coincidence. Def cried re-reading the heartfelt comments! #softee lol

@payprbackwriter: My fashion sense could best be described as “1985 Chess Club Nerd.” I checked my HS yearbook, and I am wearing the exact same clothes.

@itsMELIbish: Going through old yearbooks with @itsxtinabish haha she says I never dated a cute guy before, yes i have (: junior year hahahaha

@shahirmuaz: Looking thru the jc yearbooks. As it cliche as it may be, I wish I could turn back time. Sighhh

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July 14, 2010 at 1:05 pm, yearbookforever said:

Yearbooks still all over Twitter this summer http://goo.gl/fb/SWTj0

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