March 23, 2010 / Pop Culture

Yearbook week in Twitter for March 23

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

In this week’s Yearbook Blog journey through the Twitter universe, we learn that it’s always a good idea to have a plan for picture day and sometimes your classmates might choose to vote an interesting title for you in the yearbook. You just never know.

@croonanoona: I have to take photos for my school yearbook tomorrow but my hair looks like an albino oompa loompa. This is when a hat collection is useful.

@BRITkneeB: Jus took a deep look down memory lane… 3 yearbooks from jr high and 4 from hs… I miss those days.

@katarnett: @mellenger I was voted “most likely to become a dictator” in my high school yearbook. 🙂

@sincerleymaggie: Just looked at all my yearbooks from 4th grade to sophomore year, oh how everyone has changed.

@Ellehart: RT @DianaHolquist My daughter just called my high school yearbook “the book of ugly people.” Hurrumph. [The 80s were cruel to many of us.]

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Yearbook week in Twitter for March 23

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