April 27, 2010 / Pop Culture

Yearbook week in Twitter for April 27

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

This week’s look around the Twitter-verse shows us that yearbooks are always perfect for reflecting on fashion – even school uniforms.

They’re also dangerously addictive when researching random Facebook friend requests. And yes, Twitter still doesn’t always lead to the cleanest grammar.

@Shermanther: I just leafed through my mom’s high school yearbook. Girls in the Bronx in 1965 had virtually identical flips with giant bangs.

@GeekGirlATX: Had to bust out my high school yearbook to figure out a Facebook friend request. Then got sucked in. Wow.

@karinalarasatik: Finding my high school yearbooks and suddenly thinking that life is moving on so fast. I miss my school uniforms and school days.

@empressjournee: Wow lookin @ yearbooks trip n off my sr quote “I have no shame, I live & die 4 the stuff I do…that’s y I do it so well!” Even back then!

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Yearbook week in Twitter for April 27 http://goo.gl/fb/i5ADs

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