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Yearbook gives insight to Supreme Court justice nominee

Written by Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Yearbooks are great for taking time to reminisce, but sometimes the passage of time sheds a new light on who we grew up to be. Take Elena Kagan, for example.

Kagan is President Barack Obama’s choice as the next justice of the Supreme Court, to replace retiring justice John Paul Stevens. Kagan attended Hunter College High School, a public school for gifted students in New York City. She was a member of student government, and in her senior yearbook, she wore a judicial-type robe in the group’s photo and used a quote from Justice Felix Frankfurter. A friend said Kagan told people she wanted to be a Supreme Court justice. 

We will all learn more about Elena Kagan as she goes through the approval process, but some of her high school classmates had an early glimpse of the direction she was headed in her career.

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Yearbook gives insight to Supreme Court justice nominee

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Elizabeth Braden, CJE

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