Selling Yearbook Ads with Jeb Blount

Questions about selling yearbook ads in the midst of a pandemic? Sales expert Jeb Blount is here to help!

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Yearbook Ad Sales with Jeb Blount

Join us as Jeb Blount shares his personal story of how selling yearbook ads for his own high school ignited his passion for selling, inspired his own sales career and set him on the path to being one of the foremost thought leaders in the sales world today. Students will be inspired to hear his story and know what is possible!

Jeb will address the mindset and skill set needed to sell yearbook ads in the current environment. He’ll remind students and advisers of two key things: business still want to support local schools, and the students’ job of selling ads to support the yearbook is vital to the book. Jeb will also give students some talking points to use when they sell yearbook ads, whether they’re selling by walking into a business or via email, phone or other virtual means.

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About your host

Sales expert Jeb Blount will share his tips for yearbook ad sales.

Jeb Blount is a bestselling author, sought-after motivational sales speaker, and the founder of sales acceleration company SalesGravy. Jeb’s training programs, workshops, books, articles, podcasts, videos, and keynote speeches reach tens of thousand each year. He is known for his unique ability to make complex concepts simple and easy to consume. Jeb transforms organizations by helping people reach peak performance fast and is a trusted adviser to companies and their executives across the globe.

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