July 3, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Workshop Packing List

Written by Marketing Staff

1. Last year’s yearbook to use as a reference only

2. Favorite magazines to use as resources for story and design ideas

3. Printing specifications for the book. It makes sense for students to know what limitations or restrictions they may have with the budget before they start planning for next year

4. A list of three to five goals students are to accomplish during the workshop

5. Deadline dates and number of pages due for the coming book to help them plan the production schedule

6. Rulers, pencils and other supplies needed for the workshop

7. High-energy snacks to keep those creative juices flowing

8. Comfortable clothes to make learning easier

9. American Dictionary of Slang, Roget’s Thesaurus, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, The Book of Questions, and other resources to spur creativity

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Marketing Staff

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