September 29, 2004 / Fall 2004

What’s on Your Book Shelf?

Written by Marketing Staff

Each issue of Idea File will feature a list of books yearbook advisers and staffs are reading and using now. The list will vary and will include book subjects ranging from instruction to popular non-fiction. For this issue, the list represents some of the top-ordered items from the Journalism Education Association bookstore.

Associated Press Stylebook
Practical Ideas for Teaching Journalism
Journalism Teacher’s Writing Manual
Curriculum Guide for Beginning Journalism
Yearbook in Your Curriculum
Press Law Pack
Curriculum Guide for Yearbook
How to Conduct a High School Poll
Journalism: Writing for Publication
Best of High School Press
Academy Times Staff Manual
School Newspaper Adviser’s Survival Guide
Scholastic Yearbook Fundamentals
In the Beginning
Effective Editorial Writing
NSPA Yearbook Guidebook

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