July 20, 2009 / Design

What everyone should know about grids

Written by Marketing Staff

Used by professional designers for years, the grid layout has taken the yearbook industry by storm.

What’s still the same?

  • Follow column widths for horizontal measurements of photos and copy.
  • Maintain a consistent one pica internal margin between primary elements.
  • Establish a dominant photo and eyeline.
  • Caption each photo and place caption next to photo

What’s New?

  • Body copy and captions do not have to maintain the same column width. The width of copy can be three columns wide while the captions are all two columns wide.
  • Headlines are not restricted to the width of the body copy block. In fact, the bigger the better seems to be the style.
  • Dropped columns (i.e., leaving a blank grid between copy and the dominant photo) are no longer bad news. White space is essential. Today’s grid layouts even use double and triple spaced copy and caption blocks.

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