October 27, 2017 / Book Organization

We want to hear your #HowIYearbook ideas

Written by Shiloh Scott

Everyone does yearbook a little differently, and that’s great! There’s nothing else quite like yearbook at a school and that unique position can lead to some creative solutions.

What brilliant yearbook idea have you had? What ideas are passed down from adviser to adviser at your school? Perhaps all the advisers in your area get together and share ideas.

We want to know about those ideas!

Tell us about any idea you’ve found that works for yearbook. It can be about any aspect – recruiting, grading, distribution, assignments, coverage, equipment or any other part of yearbook you’ve dealt with.

We are gathering these ideas and plan to share them with yearbook advisers across the country in our next issue of Idea File magazine.

Tell us your ideas in the comments below.

If you prefer, find us on social media. We are on Twitter under @yearbookforever, Instagram at @walsworthyearbooks and Facebook is simply @yearbooks. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #HowIYearbook! (I know we’re verbing the noun here, but if Shakespeare can do it, why can’t Walsworth?)

If social media’s not your thing, or you have a lot to say, email sarah.scott@walsworth.com.

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