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Walsworth Yearbooks partnering with Aurasma to bring Augmented Reality to schools

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (July 15, 2013) – Walsworth Yearbooks announced that it will be partnering with augmented reality leader Aurasma to help deliver the exciting new technology to schools across the country.

Leveraging Aurasma’s Partners in Education program, Walsworth will be the front-line provider of assistance and support in helping schools to discover augmented reality and learn how to create their own content in the web-based content management system known as the Aurasma Studio.

“Aurasma’s Partners in Education program was designed for partners like Walsworth to take advantage of Aurasma’s powerful platform and help educate the younger generation on emerging technologies like augmented reality,” added Lauren Offers, Aurasmsa’s head of global marketing. “We’ve been impressed by Walsworth’s dedication and commitment to further empower young adults to embrace new technologies like Aurasma and push our platform to the next level.”

Walsworth gained expertise when it created Yearbook 3D – Walsworth’s exclusive augmented reality mobile app that was unveiled earlier this year, which uniquely positions Walsworth to serve as an agent on behalf of schools to expand awareness of the Aurasma platform.

Using the free Yearbook 3D app available on the App Store and Google Play, students were able to scan their yearbook covers and current events supplements and bring those images to life, viewing a video or animation through their smartphone or mobile device. This new partnership will enable the technology to expand to even more schools and even more applications, such as pages on the inside of the yearbook.

“Knowing that we had such success working with Aurasma on Yearbook 3D, it simply made sense to work together to expand on a partnership like this,” said Alex Blackwell, Walsworth’s vice president of marketing and communications.

The program will be designed so that Walsworth will work with the schools to set up their Aurasma channel and guide them through the process of creating “Auras” – Aurasma’s brand name for its interactive content.

“In addition to being the front-line provider of assistance for potentially thousands of schools, Walsworth will be exposing this technology to tens of thousands of students,” said Blackwell. “”As these students enter college and the workforce, they will be aware of Aurasma’s amazing capabilities.”

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