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Walsworth reinvents signing day with Yearbook Shout video signatures

Written by Marketing Staff

Overland Park, Kan. (Jan. 17, 2014) – Walsworth Yearbooks announced it is taking the tradition of yearbook signing day to the next level with its exclusive new mobile app, Yearbook Shout.

“Yearbook signing day has always been a long-standing tradition and is part of what makes a yearbook such a precious keepsake, and now Yearbook Shout makes that experience even more relevant for today’s students by giving them a way to leave video messages alongside their written signatures,” said Don Walsworth, president of Walsworth.

Yearbook Shout gives parents and students the ability to leave video messages, or “Shouts,” for one another. Yearbook purchasers receive a sticker sheet of Yearbook Shout codes unique to their yearbook. Then, they will scan a code using Yearbook Shout, Walsworth’s exclusive app powered by stkr.it, and record personal video shouts for their friends. When they sign their friend’s yearbook, they can include the sticker code and video message.

YearbookShoutAppIcon copyWalsworth has partnered with stkr.it, a technology company that specializes in associating text, audio and video messages with printed material, to be the first yearbook company to bring this personalized video experience to market.

“Adding digital excitement to printed materials is at the core of who we are,” said Mike Newman, president of stkr.it. “Walsworth’s commitment to innovation makes them the perfect partner to bring this technology to the yearbook experience.”

Walsworth unveiled Yearbook Shout on Jan. 3, 2014, at the company’s annual national sales meeting in Fort Myers, Fla.

“Our partnership with stkr.it demonstrates Walsworth’s continuing leadership to embracing mobile technology and creating solutions that enhance the value of yearbooks in ways that are meaningful to students and parents,” said Walsworth.

To learn more about Yearbook Shout, visit walsworthyearbooks.com/shout.

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