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Walsworth proud to tout new FSC materials during Earth Day week

Written by Jamie Chambers

Walsworth is proud of being FSC certified, because it has allowed our schools to design a book that can bear the FSC logo. In order for a school to have the FSC logo on their book, they must design a book in which the cover, endsheets and text paper are FSC certified.

That has become even a little easier this year, thanks to some additional FSC materials Walsworth is offering.

All the hard cover books created by Walsworth are produced using FSC certified cover boards. And now we offer a 100# FSC paper on which all four-color process covers can be printed. This is the same quality paper that we have used for many years, but now gives you a chance to make a positive impact on the planet.

Walsworth also offers more than 50 colors and patterns of endsheet papers also available as FSC-certified, as well as several other paper stocks for the contents of the yearbook.

Something to keep in mind this week as we have celebrated Earth Day and environmental awareness!

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Walsworth proud to tout new FSC materials during Earth Day week http://goo.gl/fb/q78Dd

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Jamie Chambers

Jamie Chambers faced two career path choices in college, and lucky for Walsworth he chose art over accounting. He has been a creative influence for Walsworth for 17 years, currently as Design & Creative Concepting Supervisor in the Marketing Department. For 10 years, as an artist and supervisor for the Creative Services Department, Jamie traveled to workshops to collaborate with yearbook staffs to develop their covers and theme packages.