May 5, 2010 / News & Notes

Walsworth names third drawing winner, wraps up Student Scholarship Sweepstakes for the year

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (May 5, 2010) – Walsworth Publishing Company announced that Ashley Akers, a sophomore from Pinnacle High School in Phoenix, Ariz., officially became the third and final drawing winner in the company’s Student Scholarship Sweepstakes.

Akers became the third student during the current 2009-10 school year to receive a $1,000 check from Walsworth, to be used as funding toward her future college education.

The first two winners earlier in the year were Brendan Keady, a senior from Fenwick High School in Oak Park, Ill.; and Marissa Lienau, an eighth grader from Seneca Middle School in Macomb, Mich.

The Scholarship Sweepstakes was part of Walsworth’s yearlong effort to help schools show their audiences just how special the yearbook is. Schools were given access to marketing materials promoting the Sweepstakes, including posters, fliers and web ads, all with the theme of capturing a snapshot of high school life and asking students if they will remember it “10 years from today.”

Students and parents were able to register for the three drawings by visiting through Nov. 30.

“The Scholarship Sweepstakes has given our yearbook staffs a perfect opportunity to promote the wonderful thing about yearbooks – the value they continue to hold over time,” said Alex Blackwell, Walsworth’s director of yearbook marketing. “Yearbooks are fun now, but they become irreplaceable years later.”

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