April 10, 2012 / News & Notes

Walsworth names March, Grand Prize winners in Big Event promotion

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (April 10, 2012) – Walsworth Publishing wrapped up its Big Event yearbook signing party promotion by announcing the four monthly winners for March and announcing that Americas High School in El Paso, Texas is the winner of the Big Event Grand Prize.

As the Grand Prize winner, Americas High School will now get Walsworth’s help in hosting the biggest event of the year with fun autograph party activities and promotional items.

The winners for March were:

  • Canton Academy, Canton, Miss.
  • Littlerock High School, Littlerock, Calif.
  • Penfield High School, Penfield, N.Y.
  • William Monroe High School, Stanardsville, Va.

Big EventGetting the book signed is one of the most fun, unique things about yearbooks, and the seven-month long Big Event promotion has been all about encouraging schools to hold a yearbook signing party at the end of the year and making it one of the most anticipated events at their school.

Walsworth gave away prize packs each month to four schools – a total of 28 schools over the course of the year – that entered into a drawing by filling out a short questionnaire at the company’s Big Event website.

The prize pack was a Big Event kit full of marketing materials to help the school generate excitement for their signing party, including T-shirts, posters, buttons, tickets, backstage passes, lanyards and more.

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