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Walsworth launches new yearbooks website

Written by Marketing Staff

Kansas City, Mo. (Aug. 3, 2009) – Walsworth Publishing Company announced that it has launched a redesigned website for its yearbooks division at walsworthyearbooks.com, giving users a richer experience and providing yearbook staffs with a variety of online tools intended to make their jobs easier and boost sales.

“We are thrilled today to be launching the new walsworthyearbooks.com, which we believe will become the online home for the yearbook world,” said Don Walsworth, president of Walsworth Publishing. “Visitors to our website will see that it is the hub for an exciting collection of online capabilities and features that will expand the possibilities of what their yearbook can be, while at the same time making their yearbook life simpler.”

The development of the new Walsworth yearbooks website serves as the focal point of the company’s vision to not only aid in the creation and marketing of the yearbook, but also help schools and their communities broaden the way they view the book.

“The way the world receives and stores information has changed dramatically. We believe that schools have the opportunity now to move the traditional yearbook into the online realm,” said Walsworth. “Utilizing the advanced technology of the internet will allow advisers and their staffs to evolve and enhance their printed product.”

Through the new site, yearbook staffs will be able to quickly access areas dedicated to Walsworth’s online yearbook and ad sales capabilities, as well as the Community Upload tool on media-sharing website ClassScene. By utilizing online yearbook and ad sales, schools will make the buying process easier for their customers. With Community Upload and ClassScene, yearbook staffs can expand their coverage and reach by getting more students and parents involved in uploading images for the yearbook and creating public galleries out of the images that don’t make it into the book.

Visitors to the new homepage will be able to receive relevant content based on whether they are a prospective customer seeking information about the company, a community member looking to purchase their yearbook, or a current Walsworth customer ready to work on their yearbook.

Not only will the website continue to be used as an informational tool for the company’s latest products and services, but Walsworth has created the most expansive yearbook resource in the education community with the new Idea File blog.

The Idea File blog will be an extension of the company’s successful Idea File magazine. It will contain hundreds of articles, columns and features, and will be updated regularly.

“For 20 years, our Idea File magazine has been a place where advisers and students have been able to get the finest creative tips for their yearbooks, and it will continue to be that,” said Walsworth. “However, with the addition of the Idea File blog, we can reach out to schools even more frequently than we could before. Plus, they will have another avenue for communicating back with us and sharing their stories and ideas.”

New adviser and student Members Only areas for Walsworth customers are also a part of the website launch on Aug. 3. The Members Only areas are designed to bring all crucial information forward and allow the users to reach it quicker – alerts, reporting, announcements, product links and a new Blog area are all located on one page, much like a portal.

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