May 21, 2010 / Video

Video idea? Try a yearbook lip dub

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

If you’ve been frequenting the Yearbooks Blog and the Walsworth Facebook Fan Page this year, then hopefully you’ve become inspired to create a yearbook video to promote the book next year.

And if you’ve really gotten fired up by the possibilities of creating a video, and you want to get ambitious, some schools have even begun creating “lip dubs” that can involve an entire school. If that kind of project carried yearbook messaging, what better way would there be to spread the word?

Lip dubs are a type of music video that involve lip synching and audio dubbing. Frequently, a lip dub involves a group of people listening to a song and lip synching along, with the real audio of the song later dubbed on to the video during editing. Often, the videos travel through different rooms and situations in one single, continuous shot.

If it sounds like a lot of preparation, organization and work, well… that’s because it sort of is. But the end results can be pretty spectacular and fun. Take a look at this example done this year by the students at Shorewood High School in Shoreline, Wash., who even took the extra step of actually producing a backwards video. Great stuff!


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Video idea? Try a yearbook lip dub

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