June 1, 2010 / Pop Culture

Twitter world still reflecting the fun of yearbook signings

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

The weekly stream of Tweets from those receiving their yearbooks continues at a fast pace. Yearbooks are definitely still a hot topic of discussion.

@mtish27: I love how everyone is talking about yearbooks! So funny how it always comes up at end of the year.

@Arockerchick09: Looking through my old yearbooks. “very good talker uh I mean student” ha my 6th grade teacher was amazing.

@iamcaylawayla: people write such sweet things in yearbooks 🙂 haha especially people you least expect

@Panzzaa: You Know You Are A Nerd When: You Find Grammatical Errors In People’s Yearbooks ;P

@DI125: I love signing yearbooks by using up a whole page with three big words. ‘you’re pretty cool’

@caribouclaire: Oh, OK – Wow. So… yearbooks today. All of this is finally hitting me-we’re graduating, actually graduating,…

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Twitter world still reflecting the fun of yearbook signings http://goo.gl/fb/32vZG

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