July 13, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Tru Teen Themes

Written by Amy Morgan

Most teenagers have not experienced difficult economic times. They expect a future filled with achievement and realizing dreams.

Story Ideas
how students spend their money or an exploration of the different socio-economic backgrounds in your school or community.

Teenagers today are more comfortable with technologically advanced products and services that any other age group. They had computerized toys as children, and learned to use computers in elementary school.

Story Ideas
reliance on technology (pagers, cell phones) or the impact of technology on interpersonal communication.

Teens are aware when they are being targeted. They want to feel they have discovered things, and do not appreciate what does not ring true.

Story Ideas
student involvement in determining school policies.

Teens today are proud of their unique backgrounds, heritages and points of view. They are relatively accepting in terms of social, gender and racial diversity.

Story Ideas
clubs or organizations that celebrate diversity and understanding, or an exploration of the differences between cultures and backgrounds.

Teens want things personalized. They want to make things fit their personalities, from burning CDs to the cover of their cell phone case.

Story Ideas
burning CDs, the Napster controversy or expression through clothing and possessions.

Adept Multi-Tasking
Teens juggle many different things, including schoolwork, activities and sports, and social events, usually all at once.

Story Ideas
student schedules (a day in the life), or planners and organizational tools.

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Amy Morgan