September 22, 2010 / Pop Culture

The Yearbook Week in Twitter returns!

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

With a new school year well under way, it’s time to take another look around the Twitter-verse and see what is being said about yearbooks.

Once again this week, we are treated to some valuable wisdom. We learned that it is very important to be on your game during picture day or it will haunt you for a long time. Also, be careful where you store your old yearbooks!

@dobbyisnotdead: Getting sentimental reading through school yearbook… but still want to know who nominated me for ‘Widest Knowledge of Musicals!’

@ahhitsnhu: looked at yearbooks and saw my boyfriend in the swim picture during his sophomore year. he looked so good in there, not so much now. sigh.

@SylarsAthen: My cousin voted me as most unquie for the school yearbook an got others to vote haha i voted her as most gulible an got others to vote to xD

@carlosdavila: I’m sure glad life gave me other photo opportunities after my high school yearbook portrait

@SuCrew: found all my yearbooks & china in boxes on the patio covered with dirt and spiders. EEK!!!!!!!!!!

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The Yearbook Week in Twitter returns!

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