February 17, 2010 / Pop Culture

The yearbook week in Twitter for Feb. 17

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

In this week’s yearbook update from around Twitter, we found a little bit of everything – including 8th grade memories and even an interesting family admission.

@ Callisonannee Commenting that I talk too much is a waste of breath…I can open all my old yearbooks and confirm that in the teacher comment section 🙂

@AshleyCider Looking at @bryannix’s old yearbooks and so i’ll quote his 8th grade self “Hackeysacking is fun and it makes you think.”

@catherinegelera I didn’t know my sister’s actual first name until I was five years old and read it in her elementary school yearbook. Really.

@brittuhhhknee haha aww old yearbooks Heather Garcia my bff from k to 5th till we got in a fight & i got a referral & we never talked again & she moved ha

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The yearbook week in Twitter for Feb. 17 http://goo.gl/fb/xBCT

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