June 14, 2010 / Pop Culture

The world of Twitter shows off more yearbook signing fun

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Our trip around the Twitter-verse this week shows that yearbook signing parties are still raging.

Lessons learned include: be careful what you sign since you never know what the reaction will be and it never hurts to aim big – even with a potential future husband.

@ubu92: I remember when I was in 5th grade and we signed yearbooks I was horribly freaked out and confused when everyone wrote H.A.G.S in them.

@shimmersand10: @JustinBieber Lol. I signed my name “Eva Bieber” and told them to buy “Never Say Never” while signing yearbooks today 😀

@YESKABAYBEE: Wow i signed so many yearbooks today my hand hurts finally schools out

@ymaellehcim: I love when people take a long time writing in my yearbooks. It makes everything so suspenceful, lol.

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The world of Twitter shows off more yearbook signing fun http://goo.gl/fb/ULT56

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