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The Possibilities are endless

Written by Jenica Hallman, CJE

While many schools are in the midst of deadline season, Walsworth Yearbooks just completed our eighth volume of Possibilities. This fresh-off-the-press, ideation book is filled with 868 real-life, sure-to-inspire yearbook examples from 248 of our elementary, middle school, high school and university yearbooks around the country. 

The Backstory

Possibilities is produced bi-annually by Walsworth Yearbooks as a springboard to get yearbook staffs’ creative juices flowing. It was first published in 2006, back when black and white spreads were not uncommon and layouts were much more traditional. Middle school staffers may not have even been born! Today, its contents are creative and modern, reflecting the general trend of 2018 yearbooks.

What’s Different?

Possibilities grows with every volume, and this is our largest book yet. With sections for theme, covers, photography, spreads and structure, you can be sure that no matter your interest, you’ll find something that will catch your eye.

All of the categories from volume seven remain, with expanded coverage of WOW showstopper spreads that may not have fit in traditional divisions before. All of those examples mean more for you to enjoy.

“The thing we hear is that schools love Possibilities,” Kris Mateski, CJE, Yearbook Marketing Manager, said. “Schools who are in it are excited. We start seeing social media posts of yearbookers taking pictures with their Possibilities book. And all yearbook staffs love flipping through the pages to see what other schools are doing in their book. It serves as both an inspirational and educational tool.”

How’s It Feel?

One of the fun things about holding Possibilities in your hands is a chance to tangibly see and feel how additional options actually look on a book.

“We try to make it an aspirational book by showing a variety of options a school could consider for the book,” Mateski said. “In this volume, we’re showing the new spot UV that can go around or on top of shapes and text. We also did a split cover and a laser cut endsheet.”

Inside, you can also see what other schools applied to their books, like rounded page edges, tabs on division pages and gatefold spreads that fold out of the book!

How Do I Get My Hands On One?

Talk to your local Walsworth Yearbooks representative to see Possibilities, Vol. 8 for yourself. Not a Walsworth customer yet, but interested in seeing the book? Email us at marketingyearbooks@walsworth.com, and we’ll get your local representative in touch with you. Dream big for your yearbook, because the possibilities are endless.

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Jenica Hallman, CJE

Jenica Hallman, CJE, is a Copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbooks got into her blood in high school, and she has been pursuing them ever since. She has worked in various capacities as a high school and college yearbook editor, an adviser, sales representative, plant customer service representative and now in marketing, her favorite role to date. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.