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Take care of your portrait pages with Panel Maker, Portrait Flowing

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First deadlines are approaching for many yearbook staffs, and the portrait pages are typically one of the first sections to get placed on the page.

It’s easy to dismiss these spreads as just rows and rows of mug shots, but they will take up a sizeable portion of the yearbook and will be one of the most-read sections for years to come.

Fortunately for both InDesign and Online Design users, Walsworth provides solutions that make creating portrait pages easier and more efficient once your portrait images are ready to go.

Panel Maker

Walsworth’s Panel Maker software Enhancement for InDesign draws all the mug shot windows on the page, and helps you add names by placing text blocks containing linked placeholder text.

The “panel” in the name refers to the rows and columns of student portraits, and Panel Maker allows you to adjust a variety of settings on your portrait pages. You can adjust the number of portraits you want to appear on a page, as well as the size and shape of the images.

Portrait Flow imagePortrait Flowing Wizard

Walsworth yearbook staffs that use Online Design also get the opportunity to customize their portraits. Editing of the portrait information and images is done through the Student Body area of the website.

Within the Student Body section, Online Design’s Portrait Flowing Wizard is the tool used to place the images on the page. The tabs in the Portrait Flowing Wizard offer extensive customization options for your portrait pages, including portrait size, style and shape, and text formatting.

One Response to “Take care of your portrait pages with Panel Maker, Portrait Flowing”

December 13, 2014 at 1:14 pm, James said:

I’m an advisor who is trying to resize ALL of my portraits at once on one page, but I can’t figure out how to. When I flowed in my people pics, they were placed on the page very small. So I have the top half of my page filled with tiny portraits and the bottom half empty. Resizing all of my pictures individually seems extensively tedious. There has to be an easier way. Someone please help!


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