October 18, 2010 / Staff Fun

Take a break from yearbook with some unscary activities

Written by Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Halloween is approaching, but there is more to this time of year than candy and costumes. Did you know that Oct. 27 is Cranky Co-workers Day and Oct. 30 is National Forgiveness Day?

If the team spirit is starting to fray a little, consider doing some activities that will dissipate irritability and strengthen bonds between staff members.

These ideas came from the website brownielocks.com. We are not entirely sure how official these designations are, but if you want an excuse to have some fun or staff bonding time, use one of these.

October is a great time to spring for pizza for the staff, as it is Pizza Month. October also is Pretzel Month and Dessert Month. It’s also Magazine Month, making it a great time to review many magazines for design and content ideas.

Here are some ideas just for the week before Halloween. Some are only partially related to the holiday, but all involve fun, giving and, best of all, eating.

  • Bring in some chocolate for National Chocolates Day on Oct. 28. The autumn-colored foil Hershey’s Kisses are festive, and Mars touts that its 3 Musketeers bars are among the lowest in fat of all candy bars.
  • Continuing the candy and sugar theme, National Candy Corn Day is Oct. 30 and National Caramel Apple Day is Oct. 31. Have some candy corn on hand all week. Or as a snack, let the staff have apple slices and caramel sauce, with plenty of napkins.
  • Your school policy may prohibit costumes, and possibly hats. But on Oct. 30, honor National Bandana Day by getting matching bandanas to wear one day this week to build team unity. Besides the head, bandanas can be worn around the neck and wrist.
  • There is more to Oct. 31 than Halloween. For National Knock-Knock Day and National Magic Day, ask each student to show a magic trick or tell a joke on Thursday or Friday.
  • Have the staff think of others this week. For Books for Treats Day, Oct. 31, have the staff come up with books to donate to an elementary school library. You don’t have to trick-or-treat to raise money for UNICEF (United Nation’s Children’s Fund). Just take up a collection for National UNICEF Day. This organization provides aid to children worldwide. Visit the UNICEF website for more information.
  • For All Saints Day on Nov. 1, put together thank-you notes and some candy and give the little packages to secretaries, janitors, principals or teachers who have been particularly helpful to the staff since the beginning of school.

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October 20, 2010 at 8:08 pm, Rebecca Morgan said:

Thanks for mentioning Books For Treats in your posting! Our motto is “Give kids brain candy. Feed their minds, not their cavities.” So we encourage folks to give gently read children’s books instead of candy on Halloween.

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Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Elizabeth Braden, CJE, is the former editor of Idea File magazine. Before retiring, she was a copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks for more than 15 years, writing articles for various marketing materials, and proofreading copy for the Yearbook and Commercial divisions. Her career included reporting and editing for United Press International and editing for Knight-Ridder Financial News. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media News from the University of Tulsa.