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July 20, 2009 / Design

Choose a Column Plan
Columnar design brings consistency to your publication and is the foundation of all good yearbook design. Depending on the amount of space you leave in the gutter and the external margins you want, the width of the individual columns will change. In the 8 column plan we will be using here, most likely each column will be around 12 picas in width. Notice just two picas have been left in the gutter. If you look closely, most layout sheets already have an eight columnar design marked out.

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May 6, 2009 / Design

The child of a military family, D.J. Stout found it difficult to connect with people he would soon be moving away from. However, by age 11, he took his love of drawing and his fascination with publications and parleyed them into “The Weekly Laf,” a cartoon newspaper he drew on carbon paper and distributed around the neighborhood.

With that kind of creative aspiration, it is no surprise that Stout is now an award-winning designer and partner with international design consultancy Pentagram in Austin, Texas.

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September 27, 2008 / Coverage / Design / Fall 2008

Advisers can take heart. Yearbook staffs are full of teens creating a publication for teens. They usually will know what is trendy and cool and what is not. Trust them, but give them some direction. That is the recommendation of a few yearbook advisers whose yearbooks, or who themselves, have recently won national awards.

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