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Summer yearbook campers – we want to hear from you!

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

With the summer workshop season now in full swing, we know there are yearbook staffs all across the country Printgetting to work on next year’s book at camp.

The Yearbooks Blog wants to hear stories about what’s going on out at workshops this summer – fun tales from the road, the twists and turns of developing a theme and interesting stuff from the sessions and activities.

You can submit posts to us by following these easy steps:

  1. First, register an account with the Yearbook Blog. Just click the Register link in the right sidebar, and follow the steps.
  2. Then click the Submit a Post link in the right sidebar, enter the contents of your post and submit. You can send us a written post reviewing the workshop you attended or tell us about a fun experience on your trip, or even send us a link to a great workshop video you’ve uploaded to YouTube or Facebook.

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Summer yearbook campers – we want to hear from you! http://goo.gl/fb/Bp2wy

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