Starting the journey to the Great Northwest

Written by Yearbook Wally

So it’s Wednesday, April 14, and I had to get up reeaaallllyyy early to catch a 6:30 a.m. flight from Kansas City to Denver and then from Denver to Portland. But who cares? I was on my way to the JEA/NSPA convention!

It was pretty cool to think about the other yearbook students just like me who were doing the same thing. In fact, another yearbook staff was on my plane!

Another cool thing about my flight was that even though my flight was supposed to be on Midwest Airlines, I actually flew on Frontier Airlines. Why? Well, I guess I was part of history in the making. Today was the first full operating day in which Midwest Airlines was no more, and it was changing to Frontier. That doesn’t happen every day!

One cool thing that Frontier does is every one of their planes has an animal pictured on its tail. My first flight I flew with Fritz the Mountain Goat and my second was with Pete the Brown Pelican. It’s true! You can even look up your plane’s animal and know exactly what kind of plane you are on.

Wally on the planeOne sad thing is that neither of the flights I was on today had the delicious chocolate chip cookies made famous by Midwest Airlines. Perhaps my flights were too early for cookies (crazy talk!) because I had been told that the cookies were going to be continued, even though it was bye-bye for Midwest Airlines.

Here I am in this picture on the flight into Portland. I was cozy with my Sky Mall magazine and the safety instructions for the plane. What more do you need? Oh yeah, cookies. Maybe next time.

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Starting the journey to the Great Northwest

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