December 31, 2009 / Marketing

Start the new year with some yearbook sales tips

Written by Idea File Staff

The new year usually comes with resolutions and pledges to make improvements on various aspects of life. Well, you can still start eating better or kick all your bad habits. But at the same time, why not put a little work in on improving your yearbook program’s bottom line?

Get 2010 off to the right start by using some of these ideas to boost your yearbook sales.

Sell online

You can make yearbook sales easier by selling online. Walsworth’s Online Sales program will let you set up your own online School Store to make the buying process smoother for your customers. You can see the benefits of Walsworth’s Online Sales program and all the support materials we provide at our Marketing Help page.

Include everyone! Market to everyone!

You should always strive to be inclusive with your coverage, and make sure as many students as possible are featured in the yearbook. A student actually appearing in the yearbook is more likely to be a buyer.

Just as you would always want diversity in the yearbook, you should always make sure to bring some diversity to your yearbook marketing as well. For instance, if your school has a large Spanish-speaking population, target them with mailers and posters written in Spanish.

Sneak preview

Some schools have had great success by teasing their audience with a small sample of the contents of the yearbook. The entire yearbook doesn’t have to be kept a secret. For example, set up a display during lunch and show off a couple of the book’s most attractive spreads and an order table.

Idea File Staff

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