Snacks and sodas can carry your yearbook sales message

Written by Marketing Staff

Just because the summer has arrived doesn’t mean the yearbook marketing ideas have dried up!

The latest creative marketing idea comes from adviser Hal Keene and the yearbook staff at Saint Cloud High School in Saint Cloud, Florida. This year, they included yearbook information on items in the school’s snack machines.

In your school, the vending machines holding the chips, candy and soda are likely a popular, high-traffic spot. They are at Saint Cloud too, which is why Keene had the staff stick “Don’t forget to buy your yearbook” messages to each package of M&M’s® and Doritos®.

Keene first thought of the idea after he found a pile of unused labels in his cabinet, and then saw the vendor stocking the snack machines one day.

“I was surprised by the reaction. I had students come up to me in class, saying, ‘I saw your sticker on my M&M’s,’” Keene said. “That was the idea, just to get some awareness out there.”

According to Keene, the Saint Cloud staff did sell more yearbooks this year, thanks in part to the vending machine stickers and they plan to try the tactic again next year during their big sales push.

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