October 4, 2011 / News

Signing parties are the Big Event of the year

Written by Susan Wuckowitsch

The beauty of National Yearbook Week falling in October is it’s the perfect time to begin planning and promoting an autograph party at your school when books arrive. Why? Everyone gets excited about a BIG EVENT and you can use that excitement to get students and parents to purchase books in advance. You were looking for a way to sell more yearbooks, right?

Students love getting their yearbooks signed by their friends. It’s one of the things that makes yearbooks so permanent (and something you don’t get with Facebook). By planning a distribution event when books arrive, you can get students and parents excited NOW for a book they won’t receive until months from now.

Think about it: One of the hardest things about selling yearbooks in the fall is getting people to purchase something they don’t get immediately. BUT… people are used to purchasing a ticket to an event that hasn’t happened yet. With the Big Event, a yearbook purchased secures that person a spot at the party when the books arrive.

Walsworth’s Big Event promotion is all about showing you how to host the BIG EVENT of the year.

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Susan Wuckowitsch

Susan Wuckowitsch is a misplaced Texan brought to Kansas City by meat (like many people). Several years in meat sales and even more at advertising agencies taught her valuable lessons, including how to sell. She makes her parents proud by actually using her marketing degree from the University of Texas as a Marketing Supervisor for Walsworth Yearbooks. During her 10 years at Walsworth, she has combined her experience and education with a natural love of helping people to work with schools on how to spread the joy of yearbooks to reluctant purchasers.