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Seven things you can do now to zap energy into your yearbook sales

Written by Aimee Parsons

Want some quick, easy, down and dirty things you can do now to give next year’s yearbook sales the jolt they need?

Read our Seven Things You Can Do Now to Zap Energy into your Book Sales located in the Kick-start Your Sales manual on the Marketing Help page!

The tactics explained there will get your sales going in the right direction.  They are the easiest things you can do now to still see some results and get ahead of the game.  The seven things include adding “Buy a yearbook” web banners to your school website, setting up yearbook kiosks (sales tables) at back-to-school/school registration events, creating a Facebook fan page for you yearbook and more!

As the year dies down and you get a little more time on your hands you can dive into the Kick-start Your Sales manual and attack some of the other helpful strategies that we have provided for you to use!

Like what you see here?  Look for a few more posts in upcoming weeks discussing some of the other cool and helpful things you can find in the manual such as:

  • Our editable email templates that you can customize yourself
  • Templates to help you get started with All-calls and so much more

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Seven things you can do now to zap energy into your yearbook sales http://goo.gl/fb/BHODX

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