Photo by: Amber Cromer

June 30, 2016 / Photo Spotlight / Photography

See hard work in action with newest Photo Spotlight

Written by Aimee Parsons

Our next Photo Spotlight this week was the winning image in the Clubs/Organizations category in our 2016 Photo Contest.

Club photos allow us to see into the different groups at schools, the activities that members participate in and how they shape each individual. Not every club is all fun and games.

This photo, which you can see above, by Amber Cromer from East Jackson High School in Commerce, Georgia, captured just how hard this JROTC group is working by showing each person’s facial expression and sweat from their labor.

You can almost feel the sun beating down on them just by viewing this photograph.


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Aimee Parsons

Aimee Parsons is the Yearbook Marketing Manager at Walsworth and has held various other roles within the company. Prior to joining Walsworth, Parsons was a corporate photographer for Burns and McDonnell Engineering and owned and operated her own freelance photography business. Marketing and photography are her passions, which led to her becoming a national award-winning Photo-Editor for The Campus Ledger newspaper at Johnson County Community College and eventually studying commercial photography at Northern Arizona University.