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School mascot can draw a crowd to the sales table

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Two Walsworth schools found a fun way to bring some attention to their yearbook sales kiosks earlier this year.

The yearbook staff at Olathe North High School in Olathe, Kan., wanted a way to make sure people noticed their sales table at the school’s registration event. So they invited the Olathe North Eagle mascot to hang out at the table and it worked like a charm. In no time, parents and students were wandering over to learn more.

After seeing photos from the Olathe North sales event on a Walsworth Facebook page, the yearbook staff at Kokomo High School in Kokomo, Ind., used the same tactic.

The Kokomo staff invited their school’s mascot – the Wildkat – to appear at their sales table at the school’s open house event. They even provided the student who plays the mascot with a free yearbook this year. A small price to pay for the attention the Wildkat drew to Kokomo’s yearbook table.

Olathe North and Kokomo choosing to utilize the school mascot underscores one of the most important points about a yearbook kiosk or sales table – the most successful ones draw attention. Make sure your sales table grabs attention, and always be sure to include plenty of signage.

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